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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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on tuesday. >> the toll of the mourning was heard today as the church bells were run for the victims. why this honor was exceptional. >> reporter: the sound of the bell fell over the streets. 36 tolls to be exact. each one to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. >> the loss of the possibilities they may of created and done with their lives. >> reporter: now, young from grace cathedral it is rare for the tkhobg have a toll of mourning. he says like many of the victims many in this congregation are artists. >> it is part of the cathedral. it is a way that we realize god can transform people's lives and it is a way people conin neglect with god. >> and just this week the church unveiled an art insulation of jackob's dream. a ladder symbolizing earth and the afterlife.
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>> the connection between ordinary life, human beings and transcendents. >> they symbolize it. given what happened in this last week. >> today, people came to find comfort outside of the church 36 steady rings. a brief but powerful pause to remember the 36 young lives lost. >> each one of these people had a mother and father that loved them and cared for them. lovers, friends. just how much pain and hurting there is wherever a disaster like this strikes us. >> in san francisco jessica flores, kpix5. >> another tribute to the fire victims from the bay area's own green day. the popular punk rock band played last night. live at one of the silent night shows. billy joe armstrong was born and raised in the east bay and says he grew up playing in the
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west open warehouses like the ghostship. >> my heart just goes out to all of the people that perished in that warehouse. people looking for themselves. just trying to have -- have a moment where they can all just celebrate being artists and being here. >> arm dedicated full of broken dreams to the victims. >> in two hours music artists will take the stage in san francisco to raise money for the fire victims. it is a minimum $20 donation to get in. the 21 and over event includes a silent auction featuring wine and brewery tours, concert tickets and arta work. all proceeds benefit the gray area foundation oakland fire
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fund. it raised more than $600,000 already. of course, we have continuing coverage of the fire investigation on our web site. >> tonight. christmas concert at a church is taking on a somber new tone at the cathedral halfway around the world. 25 people were killed and another 35 were hurt when a bomb was logged at saint mark's cathedral in central cairo during a service. that is their main cathedral, the scene of the christian church. kpix5 is at the redemer church where uponvilleses are remembered tonight. -- where victims are remembered tonight. >> reporter: it is a joyful time for christians throughout the world but events in in cairo today put it into a somber tone. i will give you an example of what is happening here. we will let our camera into the service. [singing] this is a christmas concert that was planned here at the redemer but because of today's
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events in egypt it was modified to remember those killed in the blast. now, members of the orthodox and catholic churches throughout the area are here. many have friends and families in cairo they are concerned about. they have been persecuted this it in egypt including bombing attacks earlier this year. tonight they gather together tonight here there is remembrance. reporting live, kpix5. >> thank you. more erosion problems in pacifica tonight. this is new video just in of a big chunk of coastline going away. just off of esponon avenue where erosion is an issue for years. entire section of the path is gone as you can see. now, roped off and warning signs posted. >> san francisco's great highway is back open tonight after yesterday's rain and high tides left the roadway
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impassable. public work crews worked all morning to clear the debris. the road was reopened around noon. >> traffic flowing again along highway 13 after 2foot tree came crashing down across the road yesterday. landed on a car. the driver was not hurt but he did have to be rescued. traffic was a mess for hoursa as crews cleaned it all up. lake tahoe, crews searched for a missing skier who was swept away in an avalanche now, the jackpot chute at mount rose resort of the run is for experts only and was not prepared for skiers yet. two skiers went around a gate and hiked to the top. >> it was a closed area and the skiers made a decision they wanted to make a run there. and, you know, obviously this t did not work out for the best. >> experts say the missing skiers may have triggered the
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avalanche. they had to discontinue the search. search doings dogs picked up the scent. they are working on an id. crim details tonight for a crash. a good samaritan jumped into -- grim details tonight for a crash. a good samaritan jumped into action when a car hit a sound wall and burst into flames. the two people inside never had a chance. [sirens] >> right in front of my house. >> the first flickering flames turned into an enferno. to -- inferno to help anyone inside. >> we rushed to the car to see if anyone was in there alive and help had them. there were no signs of life. >> reporter: he was woken up from his sleep from the crash and the metal. >> i heard the boom. i go outside. i see a car under the wall. >> reporter: the investigators say for some reason the driver lost control of the car, crossing the divider and went into thing sound wall that toppled on to it.
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the police say it is too soon to say if speed or alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. [sirens] >> reporter: are firefighters arrived moments after the flames and blistering heat forced daniel and his father to retrieve. they did not have better luck. firefighters were able to put out the flames but not nearly in time to save the two people who died in the crash. neighbors say the deadly and tragic scene has been seered in their memory. >> we got to the car it looked like -- it looked like it was pretty much the whole front was smashed in. and we tried to ask if anyone was in there but no one responded. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix5. >> the fiery crash was their third fatal accident in less than 24 hours. just before 9:00 last night a stolen car crashed into a light pole after the driver refused to pull over for the police. she died at the scene. early saturday morning a pedestrian was killed in a hit and run. so far the driver has not been caught. still to come. the biggest pot convention in
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california. it is happening right here in the bay area. we will take you inside of the marijuana megafair. why san francisco is suddenly accusing uber and lyft for problems. we are on the eve of some of the wettest weather we have seen all season. a series of storms going into the bay area. the details coming up after a break ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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swiping a package from the front porch of a home in newark. happened on thursday near tozier street and cabernet avenue. call police if you know who he is. an even bigger "buzz" surrounding the state's biggest pot fair. this weekend's event in santa rosa was the first since california voted to legalize recreational marijuana. kpix five's john ram growing interest even bigger buzz surrounding the state's biggest pot fair. this weekend's event is the first since california voted recreational marijuana. kpix5 on the growing interest
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in the growing industry. >> this is it for us. this sour main huge gathering of everyone. >> reporter: welcome to the emerald cut. the largest gathering of marijuana growers in the nation. the senoma county fairgrounds. >> smell, effect. quality you know, how well it was trimmed and all of that. just like any product. >> reporter: they say a win at the emerald cup can set a grower up in business like winning an oscar or a grammy. linda prestley grows it in seemed equally proud of her daughter and her best bud, number 224. >> the world is just changing let's say. that i think we are all open to the change and acceptance, obviously with 30,000 people plus here. until now, the medical marijuana debate has been about easing sick people's suffering
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even those mostly using it did not seem sick or in pain. but after it passed legalizing it for adults it threw occupy the door for weed. emerald cup's founder tim blake believes the debate will be over. >> i think really it is the turning point, no turning back. we will see full legalization it in a couple of years. >> it is still illegal under federal law and blake says he believes president trump may surprise people by treating it as a state's right issue. >> i am a liberal democrat that believes more in trump than clinton, bush or obamas. >> reporter: erbg vents are taking the growing and selling of -- events are taking the growing and selling of marijuana out of the shadows. in santa rosaa, back to you. fairgoers wanted to buy or sample the products his to have a medical marijuana card that was issued by doctors at the
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event. >> tonight's city of san francisco blasting the state for not taking control over hailing services like uber and lift. they say thousands of drivers cruising for fares are clogging up the roads. sanfrancisco examiner reports it was tasked to regulate those companies. but the sfmta says it it is not happening. in effect, clogging traffic causing negative environmental impact and creating unfair competition for traditionalla taxis. a study on the impact of ride hailing services is expected out early next year. a uc berkeley student is hoping to make history later this month. silverstein was left partially paralyzed by a car accident 12 years ago. he has been training for more than a year to be the first person in a wheelchair to trek through some of the rugged wilderness. and the trek will involve mountain climbing, kayaking and
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the national park in chile. >> it is not just me climbing my own crazy mountain. no, special thing that allows a lot of people to push me. >> he raised $8,000 for the special trekking wheelchair. when the trip is complete he plans to leave it at the park for a future climber. it begins one week from today. >> that is impressive. that is something. tonight, clear, dry. it will not stay that way. a couple systems that will hit us hard coming in on tuesday and then a repete performance on thursday. it looks like the wettest day will be thursday. let's begin at the beginning with the numbers as cool as 48 in santa rose a. everyone else it in the 50s under cloudy skies. did not get much sunshine today. will we tomorrow? >> look at that. a lot of verga, really. looks impressive. tphogting coming down. just an indication of the fact that there is a lot of moisture in the air. it will take something to give
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it a kick. that that kick is coming late monday and early tuesday. and it is coming all of the way express delivery from hawaii. this moist flow up north will shift to the the south as the cold front pushes it in. more rain on the way by tuesday. it is a perfect corridor of moisture between the low that is over seattle right now and the high pressure to our southwest. in between the 2, we have a conveyer belt of moisture. now, flood watch posted in parts of northern california. east of us. it will be posted as well. right now, rain will begin on tuesday. 4-9 inches possible by the time all is said and done on thursday. road and river flooding a possibility. forecast, up around the napa river and the russian river. you know, the usual places in the bay area you know as well as i do, it can flood. potential this week. pay attention on to the forecast. we will cover it like a hrebard
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this week. a heavy snow, strong winds, snow level, 6,000 feet. a winter storm watch beginning on tuesday for the mountains, 24-48 inches of wet snow. so, there will be travel delays midweek. back to the mountains. future cast shows how it will all play out. tomorrow afternoon, we get another run of high clouds over the sun. cloudy day, no rain. this is tomorrow afternoon. rain developing by early tuesday morning and then it is coming at us from direct low off shore. by 4:00 in the afternoon on tuesday the north bay gets more and the south bay lifts to the north. then we get hit with with the second punch coming in on thursday. so let's set it up. cloudy but dry day. heavy, rain in the north bay for tuesday. now, everybody, thursday, wednesday, on again and off again rain. we will dry it up and clear it out. that is good news. gives us all a chance. travel weather forecast, cloudy skies for the bay area. the important stuff.
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the extended forecast. now, on monday. mostly cloudy day. tuesday rain heavy at times in the north bay. now, thursday, the wettest day of the week before a cold front takes it all out of the bay area by friday. clearing and next weekend looks sunny and dry. between now and then the headline will be rain. the news headlines as well. no shortage of wet stuff. a shortage of something else. >> yes. now, the salvation army and a team of shopping elves. families in need. but right now the organization is also in need. they say they are desperate for bell ringers. >> now, this year due to the rainace that we had and the low unemployment rate in the greater bay area it made it
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quite a difference. >> the red kettle campaign is the biggest fundraiser of the year for 100 years. pro sraoeuding food and shelter and rehabilitation. the firefighters were also busy handing out toys today. more than 500 needy families were given bags of presents to put under the tree. all the work of san jose's latino are firefighters. >> this is where the rubber meets the road. th-t is -- this is where all of the time we spent and working with the different groups and putting the letters together and a master list together it comes together. >> they are still accepting toy donations at firehouses at christmas day. if anything comes in in after that they say they will use it next year. 49ers have a chance to win their first game since the opening week of the season. now, they broke out a huge lead against the jets of the question is, could they hold it. the finish and the reaction it is next ,,
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his job.. baalke was happy to have the jets in town... one of only a couple teams in the as the losses mount for the 49ers, cbs sports is reporting general man annualer is in jeopardy of losing his job. he was happy to have the jets in town. one of only a couple teams in the league that might be worse than the 49erss. now, snapping a streak of 92 straight starts. now, 9ers came out firing after jimmy had had the interception. now, getting the defender in the end zone. 10-0 san francisco. later in the quarter. now, could not reach 1,000 yards this season. will need more runs like this. 47 yards, inside of the 5. now, finish the drive off for another touchdown, 14-0 lead. they lead 17-3 at the break. breaks off 4-5a tacklers here of the 49ers struggle in the 2nd half. now, going for 2. now, calls his own number. avoiding the tackle and they are within a field goal.
6:22 pm
after a 49er 3 and out. jet comes from all back. nick, from 51 yards out. it is up, the kick is good and the lead is gone and we go to overtime. chip kelly rolled the dice on overtime from 37. now, he was stopped cold. 49ers turn it over. nice, scores the walkoff, a 19 yard touchdown. point by the jets. they win 23-17. he runs for 145 yards. the 49ers drop 1-12. now, kelly admitted to play calling in the 2nd half. >> he said you decided it was on you, the play calling? >> yep. >> implies you would do it differently? >> i think we all would, you can second guess yourself that is what you do, second guess yourself like the last call of
6:23 pm
the game. now, that is out and running. that is my responsibility. i made the call. going forward with the ball. 4th and 1. we did not get it. i am in the wrong situation. >> in the race for the number one draft pick, the 49ers still hold the 2nd worst record in the league only better than cleveland who remains winless. as for the raiders they were off after losing on thursday in kansas city. oakland was at home today paying close attention to the rest of the afc race. now, back in the broncos lineup. 10 ver, tennessee, picking up the game -- denver, tennessee, picking it up. now, the 9th touchdown of the year. final minute, now, going down 13-10. he fires over the middle. to aj. now, the comeback bid ends there. follow the football. getting the recovery. they improve 7-6. denver drops 8-5. so, it drops denver 2 games. now, kansas city and oakland
6:24 pm
for first place it in the afc west. now 3 games to play. now, hosting the texans. battle for 1st place. down, 13-3. luck tries to make something out of nothing. bad idea. now, picks him off. he gets the 6th interception of the day. one of five texan field goals, then, less than 90 seconds left. colds down 5. cross, midfield. the texans bring the pressure and luck's pass on 4th down. it is incomplete. the texans beat the colts, 22- 17. they sweep that season series. here is the playoff picture. raiders are currently in a thick spot. season ended today would mean a road for houston for first round of the playoffs. >> nba, golden state, warriors going 110 regular season games without suffering back to back losses. now, that streak was in serious jeopardy tonight in minnesota. golden state trying to have the
6:25 pm
same focus as the guy and his doing to avoid it. warriors up 1. they come back. misses the jump shot. goat the rebound. now, game tied at 72. the next possession. david west. now, blocks wiggins and he finishes it on the other end. wariors leading late in the 4th quarter. soccer. the men, the national champion game. tied at 4. now, they just needed to win and get the save to win the game. now, he denies it 5-4 in penalty kicks to win the title. now, check it out.
6:26 pm
now, nais the 41st year that they -- now, that is the 41st year that they won it. >> gameday. breaking it down tonight. honest jeremy newbero where the 49ers go from here. >> good deal. >> all right. to be continued. thank you. now, coming up in the next half-hour, why a retired bay area fire investigator is shocked that a tragedy like the oakland warehouse fire did not happen sooner. performance about to be underway here tonight. it will bring a world famous performer. taking you inside of the planning for tonight's event. and news of the weed killer has grown. why you will not know any time soon if any residue is on your produce. ,, i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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bells tolled 36 times today at grace cathedral in san francisco.. [bell ringing] once of the victims of d warehouse fire. our top story tonight, bells tolled 36 times today in san francisco. one for each of the victims it in the oakland warehouse fire. the church lead rers tell us they do not often ring the bells in mourning but they have more for the local community for everyone who is grieving for the victims. as we have been reporting, fire inspectors may never of stepped foot in the warehouse before the flames. >> there were no sprinklers or
6:30 pm
fire alarms in there. annual inspections of all commercial buildings but the firefighters union says oakland does not have enough fire inspectors. today, retired san francisco captain told us that he is surprised a tragedy like this did not happen sooner. >> the fire code is just a minimum guide. you can do more. unfort fatly the bundleet drives the safety enforcement, the code enforcement and it should be the other way around. >> unfort fatly sometimes and most often it takes a tragedy like this to draw attention to it. budget documents confirm the city of oakland allowed for 8 fire inspectors in this year's budget but only 6 positions are filled. let head out now, a benefit concert for the fire victims will get underway in 90 minutes from now. >> now, juliet they are preparing inside the nightclub here south of market and san francisco. now, for a performance this that can get a lot of notoriety but also it will bring together
6:31 pm
a community that is grieving. now, artists musicians, djs they come together to remember, remembering a cloud of 1100. now, the star a traction, dj, now, electric music. you may know most of the people that died in the fire were attending a performance of electric music. underground concert. >> those kinds of events are actually a part of this community for under ground music. so for everyone to get in and come together and have more and celebrate in this way it is definitely t it is really important thing. it is touching and meaningful that an artist as large as him reached out and wanted to be a part of it this. >> the folks that died in the fire are part of a tight
6:32 pm
community. they call themselves family. the sound man that died there was supposed to work here the next night. two of the musicians who died have opening acts here on this stage before. money raised here for the oakland fire fund set up by the gray area foundation of art. a ravel, a silent auction so far. so far they raised there 600,000 of a goal of $750,000. there is a ways to go. there is a performance at 8:00 tonight. it could go well into the early hours in the morning. >> now, joe vazquez reporting. >> all right, thank youism the warehouse tragedy has ignited more for the bases without kicking people out of their homes. >> we stopped trying to find solutions and what will happen is people are going to be evicted. >> coming up later. people living in other oakland warehouses. we will let them know about them and why the ghostship was the exception. >> tonight, president-elect
6:33 pm
trump dismiss intelligent reports that that russia helped put him in the white house. congress is not about to let it go. a group of senators calling for assessment that russia interfered with the presidential election to get trump elected. >> the the investigation should be tough, strong, and bipartisan and should have access to all materials classified and not. >> senator mccain says senate armed service committee will immediately begin to exam thalgations. >> it is clear the russians interfered. if they -- the allegations. >> it is clear the russians interfeared but if it was to interfere for a specific candidate, the investigation will have to finda that. >> i think it is an excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: trump spent a quiet day here at trump tower before he resumes meetings on monday. the president-elect has top
6:34 pm
candidates for secretary of state and the head of the republican national committee. >> reporter: gop sources say mitt romney's niece will likely be chosen to lead the rnc. trump's top choice for secretary of state is tillerson whose ties with russia could complicate things. and he will talk about how he will separate his businesses and the precedency. severe weather is hammering the midwest all weekend. chicago there is so much snow it is tough to tell whose car is whoses. >> air traffic is at a stand -- whose. >> air traffic is at a stand still. a meeting to evaluate new findings about a wee tkerbgs killer at the heart of the review with the chemical causing cancer in humans. >> the youth has grown in
6:35 pm
california. and the world. as it is reported new at 6:00. you will not know any time soon if residue is found on the produce. >> debi freedman says no matter how you slice it. >> i am confused. and disa pointed. >> she buys organic for a lot of reasons and here is another. the usfda does not test produce for the presence of the most widely used weed killer in the world. >> that is what we are paying taxes for. it is to make sure our food is safe. >> it is the active ingredient in the round up. use of the chemical sored in the past 2 decades with nearly 1.5 billion pounds worldwide. >> it is used by farmers and homeowners alive. >> reporter: use of it in california jumped for our central valley. while they look for residue on
6:36 pm
food -- >> we learnedda that through our review that -- we learned that through the our review they were not monitoring it this chemical. it is commonly used. >> reporter: as to why? >> fda cited the cost. >> reporter: he works for the government accountability office. in a report they rebooked the fda for failing to test for it and not disclosing that fact to the public. the u.s. ep asset limits on the amount that can remain on or in food. >> we found that there are 170 different fruits and vegetables that are clear for using. so, the residues on any of those. >> reporter: that concerns it this pediatrician. >> to not test for the most commonly used pesticide is -- what are we doing? >> it is regarded as safe. last year cancer experts with
6:37 pm
the world health organization classified the chemicals as a human carsinigin. >> the data they look at they cherry pick it and interpret some of the studies different than the researchers who actually did it. >> reporter: the u.s. epa just released the new e -- evaluation of the pesticide. an expert panel is set to review the findings. >> reporter: in the meantime, the fda started testing it. only in 4 things, eggs, milk, soy beans and corn. so far it is not found in eggs or milk but it was detected in soy beans and corn at allowable levels. the news is not so sweet for
6:38 pm
honey. in a separate report, a fda scientist found it in several unnamed brands of america honey. it is not registered to be used on beehives. experts believe the bees could of introduced it and weed killers in unnamed samples of infant oat cereal. if they plan to put it in the monitoring, at this point, who knows. >> now, information so they can know if their supply is there. >> now, kpix5. now, next year, the vict -- the district court is causing a lethal blood cancer. as for this expert panel it is ex pected to issue its review to the epa. the agency will issue a new risk assessment sometime in the future. >> coming up, years of savings gone in seconds. >> people need to know if it
6:39 pm
exists. if you don't know you will fall for it. >> hackers are using on home buyers to drain their down payment ,,,,,,,,,,
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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas ,,,,,,,,,, six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone.
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yep, i'm lost. it's a jungle out there. and if you're not careful -- you can fall into a trap. ryan kath spoke with one couple whose dream home was pulled out from under them.. by a hacker: (sot-paul leblanc/hacking victim) "it's devastating to live thru and find out your dreams have changed." this picturesque property was a dream for paul leblanc (le-blank) and wife erika. market knows: it's a jungle out there.
6:42 pm
hackers are hurting people and their accounts. >> how much are we talk something. >> $140,000. >> i can can not imagine what is going through your mind at that time? >> panic is the first thing that came to my mind. >> a big problem. >> reporter: so big, scammers stolen $3 billion globally according to the f.b.i. victims are from deep pockets corporations on to small scale home buyers. >> there is no industry or individual that i think is immune to this. >> reporter: the special agent says the scam is so tough to detect because hackers will have a fake e-mail address. simply switching around 2 letters like the a&e in "michael" to look like the real one. >> reporter: paul and his family remain hopeful that investigators will track down and return the stolen money. but with the lakefront property now back on the market it seems
6:43 pm
their dream home will be gone for good. >> we were all fooled. >> reporter: back to you. >> wow. fbi says the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to do things the old fashioned way. pick up the foam or have a face- to-face conversation before signing off on a wire transfer. >> on oh, the phone. >> yes. a conversation. >> yes. >> remember that? >> yes. human intersection. >> yes. the other dark liquid that powers the world but maybe not for long. threaten your cup of cof hanges ahead... a tonight, startling new estimates on how climate change can threaten your cup of covery. >> we have changes ahead. a 1-2 storm punch packing the wet weather. the forecast as we look live, after the break ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:46 pm
climate change experts warn: as much as half the land now used fee production.. if you area a big coffee drinker you might need to pour yourself something stiffer. climate change they are saying half of the coffee will no longer be suitable by the middle of this century. africa's coffee belt, so much sunshine and not enough rain is hurting the harvest. many are dealing with beetles going into the plant and growers say the warming weather has brought pets that used to live down in the valleys up into the hillsides. >> 10 years it was not here.
6:47 pm
>> in the past 10 years you have been invaded? >> yes. invaded here. most of the farms destroyed completely. >> coffee production supports an estimated 120 million of some of the world's poorest people. lately crop yields are dropping pushing the prices up by as much as 30% in some areas since just last year. >> wow. price -- rain is coming tuesday and wednesday is the big rainmaker. it this is the golden gate bridge. not bad. temperatures right now 48 degrees in santa rosa. now, not too much from now. doppler is picking up light echoes. not reaching the ground. it looks impressive. not much out there. and it will be very impressive by late monday and early tuesday as we have this moist flow in a perfectly poised corridor of moisture that taps
6:48 pm
all of the way back to the hawaiian islands. high pressure to the west and up north that means the space in between it is a perfect place for pineapple connection that means the potential road and river floodings, so, this week stay tuned to the forecast especially for napa. really for everybody. you know, around the river, it may flood. river, a concern, it is paying attention to. they will track it like a leopard this week. winter storm watch, snow from 24-48 inches of wet snow. it is a mild system. not coming out of the gulf. future cast showing mostly cloudy, tuesday, moisture not from the north but from the west. it will start raining on tuesday morning, not stop, wednesday afternoon. and on thursday etch stronger system comes in. so, to sum it up, cloudy, dry
6:49 pm
tomorrow. rain, heavy at times, tuesday through thursday. on-again, off-again rain. the biggest rainmaker again, looks like thursday. it will be drying and clearing by next weekend. it is all set up in the extended forecast. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, temperatures all week in the 50s and 60s. raining on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. when it leaves it is gone. we get a chance to drain and dry by the weekend. that is weather. more news ahead. including more on the warehouse fire and people that are involved in living situations like that. we will hear from them. after the blake ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:51 pm
warehouse over fire safety concerns. this is prime real estate. what better to do than say you are violating code and we are
6:52 pm
going on kick you out. >> artists in baltimore evicted in a live/work warehouse over fire zones. they are not alone. it it is coming after the wake of oakland's ghostship fire. that tragedy put apintense folk us on the spaces converted to residents and businesses. >> yes. -- put intense focus on the spaces converted to residents/businesses. >> this morning a terrible tragedy took place. >> came as quickly as the shock and the grief. >> my brother, my baby brother i just -- i just -- he means the world to me. >> reporter: the worst fire in oakland's history. >> the loss of life. it is devastating. >> even a catastrophe this large can not escape the gravity of the bay area housing crisis. >> i worry about the artist community and how it will be destroyed. >> this situation will bring a huge backlash.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: by midweek it was sparking arguments. >> we are still grieving our friends. our friends are not even in the ground yet. >> reporter: all driven by two concerns, safety and displacement. >> this is really an economic issue. >> in that respect the story started yearsa ago. >> just threeacres of old warehouses and vacant lots. >> at san francisco's lands, more expensive and expendable in the case of the development. artists went streaming. that changed the space of oakland. >> now it is part of oakland's charm. all across a town you can find any number of up conventional spaces. the people that live in these spaces want you to know one thing and one thing first. the ghostship was an exception. >> it is definitely an exception. you know, lots of surface areas that can be torched and a lot of people knew that it was unsafe venue. >> if you compare it to living
6:54 pm
in the home. the ghostship is like a hoarding nightmare. >> it was an unsafe home for the 15 or 20 people that live there. only one the fire 36 victims was a ghostship resident. >> the venue space is really the issue. >> reporter: if we are going to talk housing and in tw-bg converted warehouse spaces it is important to remember most of them do not double as venues and most of them would not strike you as unsafe. >> we did it all to code. we know it is safe. i feel safe. >> reporter: angela spent most of her life in oakland. the past 8 yearsed in of this converted warehouse. she got an eviction notice the monday after the fire. >> i believe the reaction is land lords who have already been interested in getting people out of their spaces knowing they have been in there for years. >> they are terrified of getting kicked out of their space. >> a man we will call james
6:55 pm
says he has been building and living in warehouse spaces for years. >> we built our space with safety in mind. sprinkler systems and fire lines and it was 99% up to code i would say. >> reporter: they have spaces where being illegal does not mean unsafe but getting a certificate of occupancy for a warehouse building is no small task. >> convert today to studios in the middle 80s. >> reporter: when they rebuilt the boise every detail was aimed at safety. >> it was voluntary change we made. >> reporter: not just the windows. >> we felt strongly that we wanted to have fire safety issues like sprinklers put in the building even though it was voluntary at the time. >> the upgrades do not come cheap and they are beyond the reach of artists landing for the spaces because they were affordable. >> it is very expensive process
6:56 pm
to change the zoning. to just live work. >> a lot of people are asking for is a new way forward. a way to ensure safety while preventing widespread displacement. >> oakland can use revisions in the zoning laws to allow for most of the spaces to come legit. >> work with the people who are in these spaces and let them make what they want and have the city approve it as safe. >> you are insulting the dead saying they were living a lifestyle of lawlessness. >> reporter: until then, emotions will go high. >> it is not about the fire but kicking people out of their spaces. >> one less point to make here for an under ground community. >> a deep distrust for media and the city leaders and the establishment at large. >> they are calling you snitches and saying it is a witch-hunt. >> finding solutions will require creative thinking and a
6:57 pm
lot of cooperation and probably unlikely alliances. >> a lot of people who are born and raised here don't want to leave. the buildings have opportunities that they offer. >> i think there is a huge opportunity in this to keep the culture of oakland and set a precedence for dealing with the spaces in the future. >> option one, displace half of the city. option 2, work with what you have. >> thanks for watching. "60 minutes" is next. >> see you at 11:00 ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i know donald trump. i know him very well, and i think his attitude, his support for israel is clear. he feels very warmly about the jewish state, about the jewish people and about jewish people. there's no question about that. >> with trump, do you think that israel will not be as at odds with the united states as you have been under the obama administration? >> yeah, we had differences of opinion with-- i had differences of opinion with president obama. >> was it personal between the two of you? >> how do you stop a war close to christmas? this television ad campaign helped. with colombian special forces, it was shot near guerrilla strongholds that we


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